Receive customized advice and tips beyond standard solutions with a business reading.

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Do you wake up in the morning with a head full of doubts?


You keep wandering around in the same story about your life and/or your business and your energy level drops far below Zero

Things need to change and you desperately need clarity about the state of yourself and your business

Despite all your knowledge, observations and efforts, something keeps gnawing, the missing link still remains hidden, and this unknown sucks away your energy.

the turmoil has settled in your head and body, and as much as you want to let go of control, you don't know how?

you live with the constant feeling that you are chasing after facts.

do you notice THAT YOUR PASSION IN YOUR BUSINESS LIFE is trickling away because you are weighed down by THE DAILY RoUTINE?

You don't feel safe to say what you want, the way it lives inside you

The first thoughts that come up in the morning are "What if I choose the wrong path and lose everything I've built?" and "What if I fail?"

This is something you want to get rid of, logically. And, surprise, you are definitely not the only one, this is part of taking new steps, believe me!

Stepping out of this vicious cycle is simpler than you think.

Over the past year, I have helped over 100 entrepreneurs with my unique Businessreading approach, giving them clarity and focus. For more than 10 years, clients have experienced the power of my sessions and they have not only seen their self-confidence grow, but their businesses thrive like never before.

With a business reading, you get back what is holding you back and answers you are looking for. It's the kickstart you need to realize your entrepreneurial dreams.

Hi, my name is Ivonne

For years I struggled with making decisions, in my personal life and my business when it came to "How I Wanted It". I felt constantly tossed back and forth between emotions and thoughts, costing me not only energy, but also a lot of money and time.

The lack of confidence in myself caused me to frenetically try to maintain control, which ultimately did not benefit my business.

Fortunately, a turning point came. After the 4-year Reader training, I understood more and more who I AM and what has always kept me from this. I then discovered what I really wanted in this life and that gave a new insane feeling.

I realized that I really had to stop controlling everything. It was only when I allowed myself to just BE who I am and live the way I wanted, that I felt more powerful and my confidence in my SELF grew. (Or is this too floaty ;).

In short, I surrendered to life. No more sense of that constant inner struggle. This realization was the gamechanger that completely turned my entrepreneurial life upside down.

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I taught myself to look critically at these thoughts that come to me and wonder if they are true. I apply this method with great success to my clients because it helps them find more happiness in their lives and make their businesses more successful.

My way of doing business strikes my clients; they often say they don't know anyone who runs her business as relaxed as I do.

My mission is to guide entrepreneurs in reconnecting who you are with what drives you and how to turn this into revenue.

Because I believe that when the two are aligned, it gives a huge boost of joy, motivation and success.

You get a sense of accomplishment and purpose. And that is truly FREEDOM!

Save your energy, money and time!

Have you been trying to escape from the endless rat-race for a while now, dreaming of a life and business that resonates with you, but keep feeling like a crucial puzzle piece is missing?

That search has probably already cost you a fortune and precious time.

I get back from my clients that they are greatly helped by a Business Reading to make better choices.

This is a unique energetic scan that clarifies your situation in ways that others don't see. It reveals exactly what you need, so you can take the steps that truly resonate with who you are and what you want to achieve without question.

The unique combination of subconscious and energetic insights from a Business Reading offers a faster route to self-awareness and growth of your business, allowing you to refocus on the business you are in love with.

Business reading experiences


Yvonne Janssen

Ivonne's coaching is spot-on. Answering questions regarding the direction of your future, thinking along with you in an open-minded way is what Ivonne does very well. By using the insights and with the urgency behind them, you make very good steps in entrepreneurship.

Ivonne is decisive and thinks big. The Businessreading helped me to quit a business and opened doors I didn't know existed.

I highly recommend a session with Ivonne to anyone who wants to take their business a level higher/better. It gives clarity, inspiration and a clear plan when you work with Ivonne.

businessreading, coaching

Margot Morrenhof

Systemic Business & Leiderschapscoach

I have received business readings from Ivonne many times before. Each time so striking and true. Very special. The last reading was about my money mindset and letting my business flow even more. What am I doing now and what actions can I take to be even more meaningful to my customers. Where is my growth and what can I leave behind that no longer serves me.

Thanks to this reading I feel that I can trust my intuition, my experiences and my knowledge about entrepreneurship even more. Thank you Ivonne for these beautiful and clear insights that I was able to receive from you."

Here's what a Business Reading will give you:

Explore how your personal and business energy are intertwined and how this affects your success. You will learn to better understand your own energy and how to align it with your business goals.

  1. You have a better understanding of what's going on in your business, which helps you make sharper and more energetic decisions. As a result, your self-confidence grows.

  2. Attracting clients and opportunities that really suit you, you stop feeling trapped and give your business a genuine boost, making it grow naturally. This gives you a solid dose of satisfaction and focus.

  3. In making choices from your heart, you realize your full potential and achieve your goals, which creates fulfillment and success, both personally and professionally. This motivates you to go after your dreams and push yourself.

  4. You discover how your subconscious works and recognize when you make choices based on old beliefs.

    This is the moment when you take back control and go for what you really want. The result? You feel freer and more confident.

  5. More clarity helps you calm the turmoil.
    You let go more easily and feel more relaxed, without the inner chaos.

Enthusiastic comments

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Monie van Paassen

Designer, carpenter, Feng Shui expert, investor & entrepreneur for 20 years

Full of curiosity, I press play in my WhatsApp. Ivonne voiced my business reading. I had asked ivonne, would you intune on the wonderful Fengshui project I am working on right now and Monie as a person with that. Phoe that opened my eyes and made me aware of the process in myself and my business. All clues, tools and confirmations that I can really take further. The beautiful thing is that the reading is really my energy that ivonne reads. So what she says I can place well myself but it's as if she gives you that final push you need.


Paula Terpstra

The Bold Introvert

A friend told me about her Business Reading with Ivonne. With great fascination I listened to her story. Then it started itching for me too. I too was curious for an "intune moment" at this point in my entrepreneurial journey.
When I booked the reading, it took me about 15 minutes to formulate my question as sharply as possible. What was it now that I was so eager to gain insight into? After submitting my question, I immediately received a personal email and as soon as the time would come, Ivonne would intune with my question.
Not much later I received the reading. Fantastic. In a quiet moment I let the words come to me. Again, fascinating. Squared away this time, because now it was about me and my two businesses.
The whole reading was so clearly explained and outlined, that I could very well interpret my current situation. Where my companies stand, but also where I myself stand, in that whole picture.
I have listened back to the reading several times and each time you hear new things. I also made a sketch of it. The 1:1 zoom call with Ivonne that followed was also so valuable. By naming things, sharing your own thoughts and getting the insights from Ivonne, I became so much wiser.
I now know where I stand, I am aware that there are/were blockages, what the reasons could be for those blockages and how I can break through them.
The weeks after the reading I was high on energy. How special is that? And now hold on, because this was just a run-up.
Normally I give 'the push', but how nice that this time I got a push in the right direction.
Thank you Ivonne
Paula Terpstra
The Bold Introvert

The Ultimate Energetic Makeover

Imagine: you give your company the ultimate energetic makeover and suddenly everything is in sync. You attract just the right people, the opportunities seem to be there for the taking, and you finally really understand what's going on in your business. That self-confidence of yours? Sky-high! And those choices that you doubted before, you now make with two fingers in your nose because they fit you so well. This is not a dream scenario, but what a business reading can do for you.

Look, many companies throw thousands of dollars at coaching, training, and consultants, trying to find that elusive "something. But what if I told you that a business reading can give you and your business that authentic boost, leave you feeling full of fulfillment, and help you discover your true potential? And as icing on the cake: it brings peace of mind and gives you that laid-back vibe you so crave. Cool, right?

Now comes the best part: the price.

Normally, for similar insights - which you usually get only after years of coaching or therapy - you would easily put down 5,000 euros.

Not with me! You get this life-changing experience for only 555 euros. Why such a big difference?

Because I believe in accessible transformation for every entrepreneur.

Plus, this year my company is celebrating 15 years and we are celebrating with a new sales page and an extra 15% discount.


businessreading, coaching

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Special to receive a business reading from Ivonne. A clear story! Very recognizable also and super concrete. Nothing woolly about it!
By listening to the story a few times and really seeing it for myself, things are already changing in my company. I am making other choices that are good for myself as well as for my company. Thank you Ivonne!

Anne Giezen - Coaching | Training | Team Coaching

Ivonne gave me just that final push and the inspiration I needed to show myself even more (open) and to strengthen my company. Thank you for that!

Chantal Straver - Doyo trainings

Ivonne did an energetic business reading on my two businesses. Really amazing! Something came out of it that was so incredibly beautiful, which I could never have thought of on my own. So if you are at a point where you have no idea where you are going with your business, I definitely recommend Ivonne's business reading!

Ester van der Velden - Bonita Loka & Coaching

Ivonne offers an intuitive and visual way to look at your business. This has given me a wealth of insights that allow me to make clear choices for now and later. This gives me more freedom, joy and confidence that I am on the right track.

Jacobien Vermande -

At first Ivonne's reading was not entirely clear to me. Fortunately, after the reading there was a moment when we spoke to each other via zoom. Ivonne was then able to explain to me things I had questions about, so the penny dropped. Ivonne also told me what I have to do to grow my business. To stand completely in my own power. And as I write this down, that feeling of YES! I am going for it! A great feeling, thank you Ivonne 🙏🏽

Mariëtta de Klijne - M-Today Video editor

The business reading was a very special experience that gave me a lot of insight into my company and the way I stand in it. It made me think and after the coach conversation after the reading, I got concrete information about the steps I need to take to make the company flourish. Ivonne has a friendly and decisive way of coaching. She expresses what she feels and thinks without beating about the bush, which is very pleasant. Thank you very much for the insights.

Marie-Chantal Hoppenbrouwers

This was a very special experience with such a precise depiction of how things are in my head. It also touched me that someone who really doesn't know me at all knows how to read this so precisely. How to proceed is still a question, but after the reading I am confident that I will find that path. Glad that I discovered Ivonne and I will definitely do another reading when I am further in my process.

Petra van den Berg - Dushi You Practice

Spot on description of reality. Every now and then I listen back to the reading. In every moment I listen again I notice something different or hear the words differently. Valuable contribution to my life journey this reading.

Winny Bos - Life Doula | Podcast host

Very enlightening and thus a clear story. Had never done anything like this before, but it was spot on, exactly what I needed to hear, felt myself, but had not been able to put words to. It was very helpful and insightful. Highly recommended for various situations: clarifying, surfacing and or giving words.

Denise Hulst - Publisher and publishing coach

Just to be clear, this is what you receive:

Businessreading for 30 minutes: Your success formula for unprecedented clarity and transformation in yourself and your business. The Businessreading takes place remotely, which saves travel time.

After the Reading: 60-minute Strategy Call on Zoom. In this call, we discuss how you can immediately apply the insights from the reading to your life and business. To see change, it is important to take active steps.

15% additional discount


I have met so many entrepreneurs in recent years who struggle with daring to follow what they really want. Despite all the usual coaching and training, something keeps gnawing at them. That's why the Businessreading is a possible solution.

The Businessreading gives you a refreshing view of your business and personal growth in no time, with practical insights to apply immediately. It is like an energy boost for your business, allowing you to grow further with confidence and focus.

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions!

I tune in to your name and business without you having to give any information.

The Businessreading happens remotely, you are not physically present only in your energy.

You will receive an audio recording of the Business Reading via WhatsApp and an email with your invoice in PDF format.

In the email I send you two suggestions for Zoom appointments to discuss the reading in the Strategy Call.

Listen to the recording several times. This is because the first time you are looking for recognition and confirmation, but later you will hear the energy between the words and discover more about yourself.

You get deeper into yourself, to your feelings and you notice it.

I get you, you don't want a one-size-fits-all solution. But here's the beauty: The Business Reading is as personal and unique as you and your business.

It's all about your energy and how it plays into your business.

Put the voices of your expectations, your dream outcomes and how you think about your business in the ball pit for a moment. Those are voices coming from your safe comfort zone - your subconscious that you just want to keep safe.

My clients, all unique entrepreneurs, swear by the impact it has had on them.


Whether you're running into

  • financial bumps,
  • have team issues,
  • or wondering which way to go with your strategy

the Business Reading reveals the underlying issues and gives you the strategies to address them.

It's a bit like finally putting on the glasses you needed to see everything more clearly.

Imagine changing the course of your life and business with one insight.

That's the kind of value we're talking about.

My clients talk about "game-changers," "revenue boosts" and "personal victories.

So yes, it is an investment - in yourself, your future and the company you work so hard for.

Traditional coaching often touches the surface, but with Businessreading we go deeper.

The energetic depths of you and your business are lifted so that you find your insights that are personal and immediately applicable.

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach; it couldn't be more personal and intimate, it's your energy!

Many people feel an immediate shift - a kind of "aha" moment.

The real magical effect? That sometimes doesn't really unfold until you start applying the insights.

Allow yourself time and space, and you'll be amazed at the impact.

As with any change, it depends on you and your goals.

Some invest immediately in a six-month or annual subscription and want an "energetic MOT" on demand, others need just one powerful session to change their course.

Feel what is right for you.

There is no right or wrong here, only what resonates with your path and pace.

see you soon!

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