Do you want a quick answer why you are stagnating?

You want to be successful, and you want to do great professionally,

yet you feel stuck, you feel empty because you keep living your life how it should be and not based on your purpose.

What are you doing?

After all your attempts and despite all your certificates and diplomas your company just cannot seem to take off. You do not understand what is missing and what you have to do to be successful.

You find yourself getting stuck over and over again. You have been proactive for a while by participating in various programs and perhaps by working with a business coach.

You try a lot and work hard. You talk extensively with others about your company, but you cannot understand what your blind spot is.

In this strongly changing and uncertain situation, where you have to make a difference, this can be very frustrating. Not only for you but also for your customers.

You are not alone, many entrepreneurs and larger companies struggle with this, and you know why?

Because asking the right questions and giving an honest answer is very difficult.


Do you recognize yourself in the following:

You’re missing a direction because you don´t know what you really want

you have a vision but you have trouble committing to it

you find it hard to ask for money for your services

You prefer to work with someone, so you don't have to do it all alone

you´re stalling to do sales

You’re hindered by beliefs such as `who am I to say, I CAN`

You worry about paying the bills

You want to grow but have no idea how and where to start

You fail to make sales in sales conversations

you find it difficult to ask for help and you lose a lot of time to find solutions

Your company is invisible and you don't know how to make it shine

You’re easily influenced by others

you are good at your job, but approaching customers is scary

You would like to experience what it is like to be successful with your talent

you have lost your vision


As an entrepreneur you are your company. If you have low self-esteem or self-destructing beliefs, your company will suffer from this. It is then only a matter of time before you and your company get stuck.

This is not pleasant to experience and/or to observe.

But remember, you ALWAYS have a choice.

At what point will the situation become urgent enough for you to take a REAL look at your situation with brutal honesty?

Will this happen when your future customer chooses someone else, while you KNOW you can help this person on a much deeper level so that the transformation can take place?

Or when you decide to take a permanent job and stop following your spiritual DNA (the reason you’re here on this planet)?


What do you choose?

Do you choose growth or a fixed situation and mindset that does not seem to benefit you?

Do you choose uncomfortableness or rather comfortableness in situations that do not make you happy?

The fact that you landed on this page and that you’re reading this shows that your choice is GROWTH.

What if I tell you I could give you specific answers about you and your company, so that you’ll know exactly what to do?

By gaining insight into what is hindering you, you can start using this as a powerful tool for your company. You’ll understand that you’re a magnet that can attract what it sends out. Whatever you choose you can obtain.

Who am I, to tell you all this?

Because I've been through it, this is also my story.

I was watching others do it and wanted to do it like them. As a result, I completely forgot my own qualities, my incredible talent and no longer knew who I was.

I was scared to approach customers because of rejection and failure.

My fears and insecurities were strongly reflected in my company. It was frustrating because I could say and see the blind spot for others, but could not for myself.

My business was down, I had just enough sales every month to pay for my expenses, but I didn't make a profit. I was not an entrepreneur.

I also did not understand how these other entrepreneurs could pull it off and be successful, how they could continue to motivate themselves and grow.

Then I decided that it was enough, I finally said STOP, I took FULL responsibility and started asking for help. This was pretty difficult since I wanted to be able to do it on my own.

In the past year I have learned from my various business coaches that asking for help is a MUST as an entrepreneur. Every coach is being coached.

Now, my vision is clear, I know what I want and because of that I can also attract the customers who can use my help and expertise:

Businessreading and Coaching Executives & Entrepreneurs

With the current global situation it is essential for every entrepreneur to have a clear idea of ​​why they are stuck in a certain situation, there is literally no time to waste. I dedicate myself to make you look at yourself differently.

You will see that you are much more capable than you can imagine.

You will become MORE energized, because you use your own energy, you are connected to your source, your information.

You are WHO you are meant to be.


In a Businessreading I reflect the energy of the company and their owner and put them back on track to align them with their purpose.

Everything has a different frequency, because all is energy. I just need the name of the company and the owner’s name and then I search their frequency and connect to it.

When I'm tuned in I can see the situation behind the "story" (excuses, beliefs) the owner has about the business.

The whole picture of the company is visible for me and I reflect this.


Clarity & Insight

You’ll have a clear view on why you and your company are stuck.



Check the testimonials on Google or check our home page so you know what others have experienced.


You feel your energy and ideas flow. You feel the ease and trust to make a plan and take instant and lasting action.

Save Money & Time

The insights are so recognizable that you no longer have to look for another solution.

Call afterwards

In the hour we spend afterwards you can bring your questions. Make this hour as profitable for you as possible. 


It is a new experience, which is completely different from what you are used to.


You have a problem in your company (uncertainty, doubt, anxiety)

You book a Business Reading online

Your Businessreading takes place remotely (the information is on the energy of the name)

Your Businessreading is sent in an audio file

We schedule a meeting on ZOOM

We meet each other online on ZOOM

You will take new actions based on the information you have received

This period can feel counter intuitive, because you will do things differently with the image from the reading in mind

You gain more confidence in yourself and your company



We live in a time where personal development is becoming increasingly important. There are many providers in this area and how do you know if you have come to the right one?

What and who suits you best is quite complicated to determine this and on what basis do you make that choice?

This takes time, your time.

I recognize this and I discovered this.

Based on 30 years of experience with self-examination and 10 years as a certified Coach and Businessreader, I know what works.

There is only ONE thing that really works and that is BEING YOURSELF.

The relationship with what you really want and who you want to BE (often) symbolizes all the connections you make.

When you go through a transformation in your relationship with what you REALLY want, it will affect all connections you make, private and business, including attracting your customers.


DECIDE what YOU really want!

Don´t feel bad, if you had known you wouldn´t be in this place now!

Be kind to yourself!

You can't know what you don't know!